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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Turn Your Android Device Into Desktop Computer - Lena Desktop UI

This post is about how you can turn your mobile phone into a desktop computer. Yes this is possible. You can do this easily just following my tutorial. Today am going to teach you that how you can change your mobile features into desktop. This is safe method because am talking about a louncher. This is 1st louncher that allows you yo tunr you phone just like mac os etc. So i have install this software on my phone and its really entertain me. Because i have done many of my PC works on mobile. Am a blogger , so editing a blogger template on mobile is very hard and also other settings. So if you are a student and you don't have PC at this situation , then you must have to install this app.
There are lot's of features found in lena louncher. you can use facebook in Desktop Mode , you can Use youtube in Desktop mode , you can use Full Internet In Desktop Mode.
Here are some Screenshots of lena louncher.

Another shot.
Am highly recommended you to install this software on your mobile phone because you can acces every website in Desktop mode.
Here Is the Link on " LENA  DESKTOP UI "

The Leena Launcher comes with the following apps included:
– a native file manager app
– a native webbrowser app
– a native launcher app
– a native video player app (via file manager)
– a native image viewer app (via file manager)
– several web apps
If you have any problem then comment below.

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