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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Top 3 Best HD Screen Recording Softwares For Computer

This post is about 3 best screen recorders. Yes today am going to show you some best screen recorder softwares for your computer. These softwares are used to record your computer screen and also eveything you want to record like games,video etc. And also the quality of these softwares is better than other's. The main purpose of my post is that many of peoples don't know about how they can record their computer screen. Recording computer screen is useful for those who have channel's on youtube or who want to show their experience & knowledge to public or their friends. So these softwares are really perfect for you. Because you all can easily record your computer screen in HD Quality.
How to record
I highly suggest you to use these softwares on your computer.
Finally! Here are softwares
1: Camstudio

This software is really a great software for your screen recorder because this software gives you many interesting features. Yes! You can use this software for your windows screen recording. It can record your screen in mp4 . 3gp , or in flash. You can also highlight your computer mouse while recorder screen. The feature of this software is that it give you codec option. Screen recording quality is depend on codec. So sometime we record computer screen in HD format but the size of the video increases. So you can edit the codec option by you choice. This is just a simple and little screen recorder.
2: Microsoft Expression Encoder

This is really another best software for recording your screen. But it use's some limitations. You can record your screen only for 10 mint. But i know this is bad news for you but the 10 mint quality is great and size of 10 mint video is just 90 to 100mb. And after recording video , you cann't save recorded video in your computer. I will first goes in Encoder menu where the video will encode and you got some option to edit your video there. So another best work of this software is you can also use webcam in this software.
3 : OPS ( Open Brodcaster Software)
This is another best screen recorder for PC. It give lot's of features to user. The interface of this software os simple. You can easily record your PC screen by using OPS. Also you can Brodcast live on youtube or any other platforms.
If you have any question then comment below. We will try to response you fast.
Must try these softwares.

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