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Monday, 17 October 2016

Most Important Seo Meta Tags And How To Add Meta Tags In Blogger Blog |WowTricks|

Meta tags are very important in blogger blog. Meta tags plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without meta tags , blog is nothing. There are some meta tags that are very important like "description meta tags" " keyword nlmeta tags" etc. Today i will teach you everything about meta tags like i will give you a list of very important meta tags and also i will teach you that how you can easily put these meta tags in Blogger template. Basically meta tags tells search engines about your blog description , blog keywords , blog email , blog author etc. So meta tags are very important your blog. There are many benifets of meta tags that i have not told to you.
What are meta tags
Meta tags are useful for your blog because you can get some more visitor because of your blog meta tags. Yes its true. By adding meta tags in your Blog , you can get easily Daily pageviews on your blog. And as you know that views are very important for a blog. Search engines firstly look at our blog description and keywords before indexing our blog. Adding meta tags in your blog is not hard.  This is really a great way to get traffic from search engines.
If you want to get best traffic and want to rank your site then must install these meta tags in your blog/site.
First of all login your blogger blog and Goto Template.
Then click on edit template and search for <head>.

After that put these Meta tags anywhere inside <head> meta tags </head>.

Most Important SEO ( Search Engine Optimization Meta Tags)

Keyword Meta Tag : <meta content='your keywords here' name='keywords'/>
  1. Description Meta Tag : <meta content=' your blog description' name='description'/>
  2. Author Meta Tag : <meta content='your name' name='author'/>
  3. Robots meta tag : <meta content='index,all' name='robots'/>
  4. Country meta tag : <meta content='Your Country' name='country'/>
  5. Blogger meta tag : <meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>
  6. Language meta tag : <meta content='Your Site Language' name='language'/>
Email meta tag : <meta content='Your Blog Email' name='email'/>
Meta tags are added. This is not hard to add meta tag in blogger template. By following this method , you can easily add meta tags in blogger blog and also this is very importany for blog/site. Meta tags are really a great source of organic traffic to your website/blog. I hope that all search engines will index your site. If you really like my tutorial then must comment below. If you have any question about my post , then feel free to contact me. Happy Blogging!

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