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Friday, 16 September 2016

How To Setup Custom Domain For Your Blog

This topic is about custom domain. Custom domain is very important option for your website. Because if you want to earn money from Google Adsense then you must have to setup a custom domain for your site/blog. Custom domain like: .com .org .tk .ml .ga .gq .net .info etc.
Today i will teach you with one by one screenshot that helps you in Adding a custom domain on your blog. As you know that if we create a blog, our blog url looks like but you have an option to turn it into or or any other domain. I hope that you will like my tutorial because i have posts all tutorials with my hard work.
How to setup custom domain
Users! Am going to tell you that how i setup .tk domain on my blog. You can also setup .com or .info or .net etc domain on your blog. Its depend on you.
So let's starting!
First of all you have to create a domain on
Just Add Any name you want to be on your site like as i add Trickstore and then click on " Check availibilty". will give you available domains with your desire name. Just pick one of them and add to cart.
Now all you have to do is to edit "DNS MANAGMENT TOOLS" IN
After Registring Domain: click on "MANAGE DOMAIN"
How to setup custom domain
Then just click on Dns Managment Zone
How to setup domain
After this open new tab and goto then goto Settings and Click on "Add third party url"
After that: add your domain name that you have registered on
When you will add your domain name , you will see some CNAME Records. Just copy them and again goto and edit dns managment tools. 
You will see a box.
Add two more boxs by clicking on +.
Now see screenshot and follow it.
In first Box select type CNAME and Also In Second Box Select Type =CNAME And in third box just add type "A".
In 1st and 2nd box add the codes that you have copied from and in third box add your Domain name and IP Adress.  Our IP Adress is same. Just CNAMES Are Diffrent.
After doing that: save them and goto blogger and add your Domain name and click on OK. This time, you will not face the problem. NOTE: must click on "Redirects" before clicking on save in blogger.
The Most Important Note: when you edit your DNS MANAGMENT TOOLS in FREENOM.COM you will see "DNS ZONE NOT ACTIVE YET" all you have todo is just goto nameservers and click on Default and save. After that you will be able to edit DNS Management tools in
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