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This post is about 3 best screen recorders. Yes today am going to show you some best screen recorder softwares for your computer. These softwares are used to record your computer screen and also eveything you want to record like games,video etc. And also the quality of these softwares is better than other's. The main purpose of my post is that many of peoples don't know about how they can record their computer screen. Recording computer screen is useful for those who have channel's on youtube or who want to show their experience & knowledge to public or their friends. So these softwares are really perfect for you. Because you all can easily record your computer screen in HD Quality.
How to record
I highly suggest you to use these softwares on your computer.
Finally! Here are softwares
1: Camstudio

This software is really a great software for your screen recorder because this software gives you many interesting features. Yes! You can use this software for your windows screen recording. It can record your screen in mp4 . 3gp , or in flash. You can also highlight your computer mouse while recorder screen. The feature of this software is that it give you codec option. Screen recording quality is depend on codec. So sometime we record computer screen in HD format but the size of the video increases. So you can edit the codec option by you choice. This is just a simple and little screen recorder.
2: Microsoft Expression Encoder

This is really another best software for recording your screen. But it use's some limitations. You can record your screen only for 10 mint. But i know this is bad news for you but the 10 mint quality is great and size of 10 mint video is just 90 to 100mb. And after recording video , you cann't save recorded video in your computer. I will first goes in Encoder menu where the video will encode and you got some option to edit your video there. So another best work of this software is you can also use webcam in this software.
3 : OPS ( Open Brodcaster Software)
This is another best screen recorder for PC. It give lot's of features to user. The interface of this software os simple. You can easily record your PC screen by using OPS. Also you can Brodcast live on youtube or any other platforms.
If you have any question then comment below. We will try to response you fast.
Must try these softwares.
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This post is very important post about android apps. Yes many of peoples are pay some money for android apps. Becuase we have no option of download free paid apps and games from Google Play Store. So today am going to show you exactly that how you can download android paid apps for free. I have also create an video on this tutorial. There are lot's of games and apps are found in google play store , but some of them are paid. So if you want to download those application without any problem then i highly suggest you a app name " BlackMart "
Download paid apps from google play store
All you have to do is just to download blackmart application. This app allows you to download all Google Play Store Apps + Games + Free + Paid. Yes you can easily download paid apps for free so just follow me.
First of all download the latest version of Blackmart On Your android.
Here Is The Latest Version Of BlackMart
BlackMart Free Download
After downloading it , just click on install and install it. Open this and download all paid and free application from this app. It really looks like play store.
So if you really found it worth then please feedback. Also ask any question about Mobiles , computer , youtube , money earning or anything you want. I will try to response fast. Here is the video.
If you have any question please comment below.

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This post is about video animation. This is most important tutorial for all. In this tutorial am going to describe you that how you can make a best and beautiful video animation for your videos. For example if you have a channel on youtube with name of " Abuzar Khan " then how you can add a introduction video animation before your video. Introduction video animation is very important because your video looks beautiful and inspire your veiwers. So guyz this tutorial is not hard. You don't have to work hard for making an video animation because today i have found a new app that really work's great on android mobile. By using this app you can make a beautiful Video Animation In some seconds and also in 1080p format. So no wait now just follow me.
How to create
There are lots of websites found on google which allows you to make an intro animation but they use their watermark on your intro video. Like here is the best website for making Video Animation
But the software am going to give you is watermark free. Yes its really a great app for all kinds of android. The size of this ap is just 20mb.
Here is the link of app:
Legend - Text Animation Maker
This is the direct link playstore  of App.
You just have to open this app and add your text then select Animate Logos and click on download.
Here i have created a text animation video.
Just play this and see what i have done in this. Yes you can easily use this.
Here Is Video
So i have make this tutorial with full detail. And if you have really any question about this post then comment below.
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This post is about how you can turn your mobile phone into a desktop computer. Yes this is possible. You can do this easily just following my tutorial. Today am going to teach you that how you can change your mobile features into desktop. This is safe method because am talking about a louncher. This is 1st louncher that allows you yo tunr you phone just like mac os etc. So i have install this software on my phone and its really entertain me. Because i have done many of my PC works on mobile. Am a blogger , so editing a blogger template on mobile is very hard and also other settings. So if you are a student and you don't have PC at this situation , then you must have to install this app.
There are lot's of features found in lena louncher. you can use facebook in Desktop Mode , you can Use youtube in Desktop mode , you can use Full Internet In Desktop Mode.
Here are some Screenshots of lena louncher.

Another shot.
Am highly recommended you to install this software on your mobile phone because you can acces every website in Desktop mode.
Here Is the Link on " LENA  DESKTOP UI "

The Leena Launcher comes with the following apps included:
– a native file manager app
– a native webbrowser app
– a native launcher app
– a native video player app (via file manager)
– a native image viewer app (via file manager)
– several web apps
If you have any problem then comment below.
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Meta tags are very important in blogger blog. Meta tags plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without meta tags , blog is nothing. There are some meta tags that are very important like "description meta tags" " keyword nlmeta tags" etc. Today i will teach you everything about meta tags like i will give you a list of very important meta tags and also i will teach you that how you can easily put these meta tags in Blogger template. Basically meta tags tells search engines about your blog description , blog keywords , blog email , blog author etc. So meta tags are very important your blog. There are many benifets of meta tags that i have not told to you.
What are meta tags
Meta tags are useful for your blog because you can get some more visitor because of your blog meta tags. Yes its true. By adding meta tags in your Blog , you can get easily Daily pageviews on your blog. And as you know that views are very important for a blog. Search engines firstly look at our blog description and keywords before indexing our blog. Adding meta tags in your blog is not hard.  This is really a great way to get traffic from search engines.
If you want to get best traffic and want to rank your site then must install these meta tags in your blog/site.
First of all login your blogger blog and Goto Template.
Then click on edit template and search for <head>.

After that put these Meta tags anywhere inside <head> meta tags </head>.

Most Important SEO ( Search Engine Optimization Meta Tags)

Keyword Meta Tag : <meta content='your keywords here' name='keywords'/>
  1. Description Meta Tag : <meta content=' your blog description' name='description'/>
  2. Author Meta Tag : <meta content='your name' name='author'/>
  3. Robots meta tag : <meta content='index,all' name='robots'/>
  4. Country meta tag : <meta content='Your Country' name='country'/>
  5. Blogger meta tag : <meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>
  6. Language meta tag : <meta content='Your Site Language' name='language'/>
Email meta tag : <meta content='Your Blog Email' name='email'/>
Meta tags are added. This is not hard to add meta tag in blogger template. By following this method , you can easily add meta tags in blogger blog and also this is very importany for blog/site. Meta tags are really a great source of organic traffic to your website/blog. I hope that all search engines will index your site. If you really like my tutorial then must comment below. If you have any question about my post , then feel free to contact me. Happy Blogging!
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This post is about android video players. Today am going to give some beautiful and fast android video players. These video players are work on android devices without rooting your phone. These video players works with every android like 2.+ or 4.4 kitkat or 5.1 lolipop etc. So must install these softwares on your phone and watch videos with best quality. Some video players cann't support HD format. But these video players will play everytype of videos. The good new is that you don't need to root your phone. If you arr using any android mobile that's RAM is less then 1 Gb and you are disturb to watch videos with good quality then no problem . I hope that will like these Video Players. Let's Starting
Top 3 best Android Video players
The 1st and Best Video Player Is " Mx Player". This video player is the most beautiful and smart video player for android. The size of this video player is just 10+ MB. MX player is really a great video player.
Free download mx player for android

Features of MX video player:

1:Great playback, MX player is the Top line one among the best video player for android which can play any video format that you threw to your smartphone.

2:Network streaming is supported which makes it stands first.

3:Great onscreen control feature makes it top. ex: Long press to Zoom while playing videos.

4:Best audio boost among all best video player for android.

5:Almost all the Subtitles are supported which makes it premium.

6:Need to Download the Manual Codec for some kind of video playbacks like Videos with DTS Audio.etc

There are many other features are hidden in the MX player, When you consider my words it is the best-fre-paid video player for android.

The second and best video player for android is "VLC Media Player"
This video player is another best video player for android. VLC video player supports every extension of video like mp4,Avi and all others.
Vlc Media Player

Features of VLC video player:

1:Capable of playing all video and audio formats.

2:Onscreen controls like Brightness, volume..etc

3:Onscreen lock for accidental pause or stop a video from playing.

3:No codec installation required for video playbacks,

Though this is a best video player for android. And its also supports all video formats. This video player is also available for Computer.

The another 3Rd best video player is "BS Player". This video player is also a good video player. Bs player is best but i suggest you VLC or MX video player. Don't think that BS player is not good player. Its also a best video player.
Download free Bs player for android

Features of BS Player:

 1:Hardware Acceleration for Smooth video playback with less battery consumption.

2:All video formats supported for Clatter free playback.

3:Create and manage your playlists with this best video player for android.

4:Automatic Download the required Subtitles over WiFi or Mobile data.

5:Using BS player you can Play videos from uncompressed RAR files.

6:Video streaming supported from YouTube.

These are really amazing and 100% working video players for android mobile phones. I hope that you will enjoy videos by using these video players. If you have any doubt the feel free to contact me in " Contact Us" page. If you really found it worth the comment below. We will try to response fast.
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This post is about recycle bin for android. Recycle bin is a best option in computer that is used to restore deleted files. If you have deleted file from your computer and you want to restore all deleted files , the you can easily restore deleted file by going in Recycle Bin Folder. But today am going to tell you that how you can restore all types of files in your android. Yes, you can easily restore all deleted files from your android Device. The good news is that you don't need to root your android phone. You can easily use this method without rooting your android phone.
Dumpster restore all deleted files
Recovering file on your android phone is now very easy. Today i will share an android app that allows to recover all deleted file from your android device.this is really an amazing app. The best features of this app is you can also use this app for Security lock(apps lock). You can also secure all of your installes application by clicking on Secure.
The app name is " Dumpster " . 

Dumpster is speciall application that works Good with android devices.
1: No Need To Root Phone
2: this app works like computer recycle bin
3: this app is very easy to use
4: this app supports also security lock
5: Dumpster is also work with any android like Lolipop , Kitkat or any other old versions.This app also suppprts many other features. So must install this app on your android and recover all of your deleted files. This app supports these types of files MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, WAV,ZIP, RAR, GZIP,APK, EXE,PDF, DOC(X), PPT(X), EXCEL(X),JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP . Means if your have deleted files that contain MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, WAV,ZIP, RAR, GZIP,APK, EXE,PDF, DOC(X), PPT(X), EXCEL(X),JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc then you can easily recover your deleted files.
First of all download this app and install it on your android.
After downloading and installing this app on your phone , then open it. It will ask you " how many apps your want to secure" just click on " All Apps" . Your all apps will secured. Now you can easily restore/recover all deleted file on your android mobile.
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This topic is about custom domain. Custom domain is very important option for your website. Because if you want to earn money from Google Adsense then you must have to setup a custom domain for your site/blog. Custom domain like: .com .org .tk .ml .ga .gq .net .info etc.
Today i will teach you with one by one screenshot that helps you in Adding a custom domain on your blog. As you know that if we create a blog, our blog url looks like but you have an option to turn it into or or any other domain. I hope that you will like my tutorial because i have posts all tutorials with my hard work.
How to setup custom domain
Users! Am going to tell you that how i setup .tk domain on my blog. You can also setup .com or .info or .net etc domain on your blog. Its depend on you.
So let's starting!
First of all you have to create a domain on
Just Add Any name you want to be on your site like as i add Trickstore and then click on " Check availibilty". will give you available domains with your desire name. Just pick one of them and add to cart.
Now all you have to do is to edit "DNS MANAGMENT TOOLS" IN
After Registring Domain: click on "MANAGE DOMAIN"
How to setup custom domain
Then just click on Dns Managment Zone
How to setup domain
After this open new tab and goto then goto Settings and Click on "Add third party url"
After that: add your domain name that you have registered on
When you will add your domain name , you will see some CNAME Records. Just copy them and again goto and edit dns managment tools. 
You will see a box.
Add two more boxs by clicking on +.
Now see screenshot and follow it.
In first Box select type CNAME and Also In Second Box Select Type =CNAME And in third box just add type "A".
In 1st and 2nd box add the codes that you have copied from and in third box add your Domain name and IP Adress.  Our IP Adress is same. Just CNAMES Are Diffrent.
After doing that: save them and goto blogger and add your Domain name and click on OK. This time, you will not face the problem. NOTE: must click on "Redirects" before clicking on save in blogger.
The Most Important Note: when you edit your DNS MANAGMENT TOOLS in FREENOM.COM you will see "DNS ZONE NOT ACTIVE YET" all you have todo is just goto nameservers and click on Default and save. After that you will be able to edit DNS Management tools in
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This post is about how to add new authors in bloggrr blog. Mostly peoples don't know how to add authors in blog. Author is a best option from blogger. If you have a big blog or you have no time to post regularly on your blog, then you can easily add any author who know about your blog posts. Your author will publish new post on your blog. You and your blog author will easily use your account. So , author is a best option for those who don't have time to spend on their blog. If your author is interested with your blog , he will post. In the beggining , this option was only available in wordpress but now its full activated in author can only use your blog for deleting and creating his own posts. If you made author an admin of your blog , then he will be able to use your blog as an admin. Its depend on you to made someone the admin or author of your blog.
Now add easily new user or author in blogger blog
So let's start:
First of all go to and sign in with your gmail account. Then click on yoyr blog title then from dashboard menu , select "Settings" only.
How to add authornin blog
After that , you will see some options. Click on "Add Authors"
Add authors
Then add author's gmail account in box and invite him.
After clicking on invite: an invite messege will be sent from blogger on author's gmail. When he accept your invitation , then he will be able tonuse your blog. If you did't found any person who ready to being your blog author , then just goto fiverr and find peoples. You will see many peoples who write Unique Content for your blog only in 5$.
If you have any question , then comment bellow or contact me.

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This post is about blogger. Today i am going to show you how to copy all posts from blog. If you have created a blog and you want to copy all your blog content then this trick is useful for you because this option is also available in blogger. So if you want to change your blog or want to transfer your all posts to another site then follow this.
So let's start:
First of all go to and login with your Gmail account. Then in blogger dashboard , click on Setting an then just Click On "Other"
After that: you will see some option on top. You will see Import Content & Backup Content. Just click on backup content . Then select folder where you want to keep your blogger content/posts.
Just click on it and save your all posted content. Now the main thing is that how you can upload these content on another blog/site?
No Probelm!
You will also see "Import Content Option". Just click on it. Then upload your content. Everything is Done!
By using this method you can easily copy all your blog posts and easily uplaod them on another blog/site.
So if you really like my work then please don't forgot to share my blog posts. If you have any question , then comment below. Am sure that i will give you response fast.